We are a CRO (contract research organization) specialized in two main areas: clinical investigations and clinical evaluations. We offer full or functional service solutions for highly specific segments of each project.

We have amongst our clients: Medical device companies, the pharmaceutical industry, universities, and government organizations worldwide. Our experience is focused exclusively on clinical studies, a flexible and technology-based approach, and strategic partnerships; making us highly innovative and competitive in the clinical research market.

Ou solutions are divided into two major pillars:

We develop studies for the Brazilian, European and American market, in the following hiring options:

Full-service: From design to delivery, we can significantly reduce deadlines and costs by helping your business expand development resources. For that, we use a unique, agile, innovative, and technology-based method that will make a difference in your company’s clinical studies.

Functional service provisions: We provide personalized solutions in specific areas of your project, such as: study design, study management, risk-based monitoring, clinical data management, site selection and management, medical writing, submission support, registration clinical trials, among others.


We develop clinical evaluations for the national and international markets. In addition to following international and other national regulatory agency-specific standards, our clinical evaluations are developed based on a scientific methodology called systematic review and meta-analysis.

Our technical team has extensive scientific training and experience in this type of methodology. This solution can be hired in the following options:

Check out our options for clinical investigations:

Phase III or pivotal studies, required by regulatory agencies for certain drugs and health products not yet registered. Studies are planned and conducted in accordance with international standards and other specific guidelines for each regulatory agency and country.


Phase IV or post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) studies required by regulatory agencies for certain drugs and health products. They have more varied and flexible designs, when compared to pre-market studies. These studies may focus on the evaluation of safety and efficacy in a real clinical environment (real-world evidence), or they may have a very specific objective.


Studies that are not mandatory for regulatory purposes, but are of interest to the manufacturer for reasons such as medical marketing purposes, incremental innovation, production optimization, among others. These studies allow for several types of study designs and objectives, according to the interest of the manufacturer.

Check out our options for clinical evaluations​:​

We operate from the development of the clinical evaluation plan to the writing of the final report, for all markets.

This service involves developing clinical evaluations for medical devices, following international standards and specific regulations of each regulatory agency.

The clinical evaluations are based on the scientific methodology of systematic review and meta-analysis, which aims to gather and analyze the best available evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of medical devices.


This option applies to medical devices still in the planning or development phase, in which we carry out a research for the manufacturer of all possible equivalents for the referred medical devices and for which scientific evidence is available to prove the safety and efficacy, for each proposed indication of use.

This service prevents the manufacturer from finalizing the development and being surprised by the need to conduct a clinical investigation, by the lack of equivalents or appropriate data for registering the product by equivalence.

Data from the partial clinical evaluation are subsequently used to prepare the complete clinical evaluation report. In this way, time and financial investment to have the product on the market are reduced.



We choose to work with clinical research because we truly believe it can make a difference in people's lives. We find in clinical research our passion and our way to contribute to the world; a healthy and sustainable world.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous desicion" - Peter Drucker

To empower healthcare stakeholders by providing clinical information through innovative and upfront clinical studies designs, while contributing to a better informed and healthier society. At GRINN, we focus on continuous optimization and creative, results-driven ways to get things done and enable you to fast forward your clinical development.


To deliver the top performance and to be the world's most admired clinical research company by its contribution to making healthcare decisions faster, clearer and fairer; and by its commitment with society.



The GRINN story is the story of a possible dream. An entrepreneurial path of struggle and many overcome challenges. A process, not always easy, but with a whole slew of dauntless bravery and effort.

Scientific Research has always been on the radar of our founder, Clarissa Rodrigues. From her residency in Cardiology to her step forward towards a Master, Doctorate, and Post Doctorate Degree, where she integrated and coordinated important research programs such as the Research and Innovation Coaching Program at Duke University, in the United States.

Returning to Brazil, Clarissa was invited to be part of reference medical institution team, recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence, pioneering, and avant-garde in cardiology. Here, she devised and brought forth all of her know-how learned through her Master's in Research and Innovation in Health Processes bringing the international practice and experience to the Academy, as well as founding and coordinating a specific sector for prospective observational studies involving real-world data.

The entrepreneurial vision, however, has always been present in her daily life, and consulting was a way of making all of her expertise tangible. Simultaneously with the coordination work and teaching, it happened then boosting the entrepreneurial strength. But the start for higher flights took place during the MEDICA Fair in Düsseldorf (Germany) -the largest Medical Fair in the world. There, GRINN began to take shape, based on the needs of the industries, mainly due to the change in the European Legislation.

In May 2022, GRINN joined the Passarini Group conglomerate, taking another important step towards consolidating the brand as a reference in the clinical research market. This alliance allowed us to reach new levels of growth, expanding our presence and offering services, and meeting the increasingly specific needs of our customers.

Today, the GRINN brand is recognized by national and international customers and partners for its innovative designs for clinical investigations, clinical assessments, and studies involving real-world evidence. We offer complete solutions in highly specific segments of each project. Our service network includes medical device companies, the pharmaceutical industry, universities, and government organizations around the world.

We are exceptionally proud of the strategic team we created, that values an inclusive and sustainable culture. Together we can offer an experience focused exclusively on clinical studies, a flexible approach based on technology and strategic partnerships, which makes us highly innovative and competitive in the field of the clinical research market.

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